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Title: Sunlight Through Seaweed lj | Ao3
Fandom: The Avengers (Whedon) 
Pairing/characters: Bruce/Tony 
Rating: M
Words: 1,467
Summary: It’s strange being inside his head, all noise and anger and red.
Warnings: Violence, canon attempted suicide
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine

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I wanna stay right here in this passenger’s seat; you put your eyes on me in this moment now capture it, remember it.


Tony always had had this penchant for expensive cars. Well…expensive things, he amended. Bruce thought maybe he was the only thing Tony couldn’t buy, not that it stopped Tony from trying.

Bruce smiled. The need for driving on back roads and an escape was something he understood. It made him feel closer to Tony too, like there was something that Bruce had been hiding from that suddenly made sense.

Tony laughed over the sound of AC/DC and took his eyes off of the road briefly to smile at Bruce.

Oh, Bruce thought. So this is what falling headfirst felt like.

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Tony contemplates the weapons industry he fueled and his decision to leave it behind. Bruce is proud of him.

Tony’s lean legs stretched from the divan to the ottoman. He moved his left arm and Bruce snuggled close, laying his head near Tony’s chest. A low purr thrummed in Bruce’s ear and he couldn’t tell if the hum was from the arc reactor or from the back of Tony’s throat - not that it truly mattered.

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